A Skincare Line Developed by More Than 1000 People From Their Community

A Skincare Line Developed by More Than 1000 People From Their Community

AXIS-Y's ay&me Line Launches on August 22nd, 2022

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ --


Korean skincare brand AXIS-Y has just announced the launch of their brand new product line, ay&me. The brand, who have always placed emphasis on being a community focused brand, has been looking forward to this launch for the past 2 years. The process for developing this unique skincare line featuring probiotics has been long but very rewarding for the AXIS-Y team along every step of the way.


To start the development of this line, AXIS-Y got feedback from over 1000 influencers from 68 different countries, in order to ensure that the products in this line align perfectly with what the community needs and wants, a value that the company holds very dear to them. Instead of creating a new line of products based on what the company thought consumers wanted, they asked the community what they thought their skin needed to create a line that would surely benefit many.Understanding how different skin types react in different climates helped the brand to envision the direction for this line. Listening to and acting on feedback is something that the brand always strives to do, having previously improved products based on customer feedback. They took this a step further by creating an entire line dedicated to their community.


The 2 year development process of the new ay&me line involved numerous surveys, testing real samples, and getting feedback from the 50 participants as well as 3 key skincare influencers. Learning more about their community's skin types and main skin concerns helped the brand to understand their audience more in depth and form an understanding of what their community is looking for when it comes to skincare. Testing real samples with the influencers allowed them to really develop the products in a way that suited their audience's skin.


AXIS-Y's special 5-probiotic complex is featured in each of the products in the new line, which works to improve the skin's natural biome, strengthening the skin barrier and promoting healthy, radiant skin. The featured key ingredients such as Adenosine also help to promote collagen synthesis and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Many skincare products nowadays are harsh on the skin and tend to weaken the skin's microbiome rather than strengthen it, and the goal with biome skincare is to work together with the skin's microbiome to allow it to function optimally.


One of AXIS-Y's core values is being a community focused brand. For them this means building a strong community and ensuring that their community's voices are heard. They have demonstrated how they strive to bring value and positivity to clothes, and taking feedback into consideration is just one of the ways they engage with their community. With this new line they are expressing their appreciation for their community and giving back by creating something especially for them.


The line launches today with three new products, one of which includes two products in a set. You can find it at their official website and it will also be launching in the Allure store.


Find AXIS-Y: https://www.axis-y.com/

At the Allure Store:



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