Our breakdown of our Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Ver. 3 and Ver. 2

Our breakdown of our Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen Ver. 3 and Ver. 2

The key differences for you to know

When developing the new and improved formulation for our Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen, our community was always at the forefront of our thoughts, because our community’s skincare needs and preferences were the driving force behind this reformulation. We took all of the specific feedback we received into consideration when determining which elements of the sunscreen to improve.


This blog will cover the three key changes we made to our Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen to improve it for the sake of our community.


1. Essence Gel Lotion Texture

The texture of the sunscreen was one of the key elements that we worked on improving for Ver. 3 of our Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen. We wanted to develop the formulation to be lighter with a more airy finish, to be perfect for daily use. We were able to improve the heaviness of the formula, going from a soft creamy texture to a gel-like lotion texture, which has helped reduce the white cast which is commonly found in physical sunscreens.


2. Hydro-Fit Formula

The ingredients in the formula itself have also been slightly altered. While the base ingredients remain the same, the essential oils that were previously included for scent have been removed, and Hyaluronic Acid has also been added, to create a more hydrating formula without a sticky finish.


3. Soothing Plant Extracts

The plant ingredients featured in the sunscreen such as Mugwort, Calendula, and Allantoin, help to soothe and calm the skin. The sunscreen now has a single active UV blocking ingredient, Zinc Oxide, which makes it even more suitable for sensitive skin. With all of the natural soothing extracts included in this sunscreen, almost half of the ingredients have skin conditioning effects, making it not only effective for protection against UV rays, but also for soothing and nourishing the skin.



Overall, these changes were made because we want to create the most ideal products for our community and continuously listen to what their skincare needs are. Being a community focused brand, this is of utmost importance to us and will continue to be something we will always take into consideration.


We hope this blog helped to give you a better understanding of the changes we made to our Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen and what motivated us to make these changes.


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