Terms of service

1. Purpose of Terms and Conditions

Welcome to AXIS-Y.

These terms and conditions include all information you must consent to in order to use any products and services supplied by AXIS-Y. Please read the consent form thoroughly before using the website. By using this site, you consent to the terms and conditions and the full legal extent of all terms and conditions are in effect. If you disagree with these terms and conditions, you cannot use our website. These terms and conditions may be altered according to need. If alterations take place, the terms and conditions page on the website will be updated accordingly. It is always assumed that the user has full responsibility to check on recent alterations, and the latest version of these terms and conditions are always in use. If you disagree to the changes made in these terms and conditions, please contact Customer Services, who will take you through the account deactivation process. Note that some articles in these terms and conditions may be applied in replacement of legal notices or terminology on some pages on the website.  

2. Authorization

You must be at least 18 years of age to use this website and be able to understand and follow the terms and conditions.

If you are under 18 years of age, you may use the website with parent or guardian supervision. This website is maintained in South Korea and all management of personal information is processed according to South Korean federal law. Note that there are differences in personal information laws of other regions. Even if you access the website from a region other than South Korea, it is still maintained under South Korean regulations.  

3. Website

Use and Restrictions You must register for an account to access particular services provided by the site. When registering, you must consent to entering accurate personal information. If you enter incorrect or nonexistent information, AXIS-Y has all authority to nullify the account, website use, and orders.

If your account is being used by a third party without your consent, you must notify AXIS-Y and resolve the issue. This website does not take any responsibility for any damages to your account due to your carelessness.

You must consent to using this website with legal intentions and purposes. You have full civil responsibility to compensate for the damages done if you are found using the website illegally. You must not use any content that others deem inappropriate or that violates the intellectual properties of the website or other users. Proper use is required within the respective regulations of each country. Entering the website through an interface not provided by AXIS-Y is strictly prohibited. You are also prohibited from making or maintaining hyperlinks linking to other sites without the permission of the website company. You are not allowed to reproduce any content from the site on third-party websites without the permission of AXIS-Y, and all content must be used under proper obedience of any applied regulations, rules, and legislation. AXIS-Y offers its content to users both in and outside of South Korea. However, it cannot guarantee that the content on the website is legally permissible according to the regulations of your country. In the case of finding any content that is illegal in your country, you must consent not to access the site from your country. One of the services AXIS-Y provides is the ability to post individual user content. Any content you post on the website belongs to AXIS-Y and will be kept for future use by the website. You cannot claim any rights to royalty, monopoly, translation licenses, or sub-licenses. All content entered on the site must be sound, must not include offensive language, and must not violate personal information and basic rights of others. If you violate the intangible assets or intellectual properties of others by using their content without their permission, you will be subject to legal consequences. AXIS-Y cannot review all content written by users. If inappropriate content is found on your account, your content, as well as your account, can be moved or deleted without notice. These terms and conditions contain all areas of consent between you and AXIS-Y, and can be edited or suspended without notice. If you do not consent to these terms and conditions, you can deactivate your account anytime. You must consent to the deletion of all information on your account after deactivation from AXIS-Y.  

4. Personal Information Management

By using this website, you consent to the company’s Privacy Policies. This site does not utilize personal information for purposes other than providing services nor does it reveal personal information to third parties without your consent. The site employs state-of-the-art security systems to safeguard personal information. Please refer to the Privacy Policies.  

5. Delivery Policies

AXIS-Y has high priorities in door-to-door service to all available countries. We try our best to offer the most comfortable and fastest service we can give, tailored to each country.

Shipping delays and restrictions may apply due to COVID-19

DHL and EMS, are used for the final steps of delivery.

Current locations of purchased goods can be checked with the tracking code provided with your fulfillment email or by contacting AXIS-Y with your order number. 

Import Duties:

If many orders make it through customs within a single business day, personal import duties may be imposed. If such fees are imposed, storage fees and other expenses as well as the import duties may be charged as well. All taxes charged by the recipient country is not associated with AXIS-Y, and is completely separate from shipping expenses paid to AXIS-Y. 

AXIS-Y does not assume responsibility for taxation policies or non-importation due to the carelessness on your part. 

When ordering, please enter in the correct addresses and telephone numbers in order to avoid wrong deliveries and other mishaps.   

6. Policies on Returns, Cancellations, Exchanges, and Refunds

Returns and exchanges are allowed within 30 days of the date of delivery. Rules regarding returns are in accordance with South Korea’s “Act on the Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions” and other related legislation. 

  • You are required to pay any shipping expenses and other fees required for the return or exchange. (In the case of faulty items, AXIS-Y will pay for all shipping expenses, but matters regarding the change of heart will require you to pay.)
  • If you do not report the invoice number for the return, there may be delays in processing the return or exchange.
  • If there are no exchangeable goods in stock, exchanges will automatically be rendered as returns.
  • Refunds of purchases must be returned in the same manner as received.
  • You may cancel orders before the order is shipped, but once it is shipped, you must follow our return policy.
  • After the payment of a good, cancellation for orders are only available within 24 hours from the time of order.

However, you may not request returns or exchanges when:

  1. You damage the good.
  2. Retail is impossible due to your usage of the good.
  3. The packaging of a good that can be easily copied has been damaged.
  4. In some other cases in which there are reasonable explanations for which you cannot request returns or exchanges.
  5. Compensations for goods and information on this site are limited, and the maximum compensation limit is set by the service cost you paid.

7. Rights to Copyrights, Trademarks, and Intellectual Property

All programs, pages, images, and texts on AXIS-Y are intangible assets of the website. Arbitrary alterations of any kind is not allowed neither in nor outside of South Korea. Any alterations to or illegal use of the intangible/intellectual property of the site will result in either the cancellation of your account or legal consequences for your actions. In case of illegal use without the permission of the maker, there may be legal consequences by the corresponding maker or related personnel.   8. Website Exemptions AXIS-Y does not guarantee full satisfaction of your expectations through its services. If you received a different product or service from what you wanted, changes will be made after a thorough review of the case, and the user will be compensated accordingly. The website does not guarantee everything it claims, and users have full liability for the goods/services they use. The company has limited liability within the confines of related Korean regulations for the goods and services it provides. Any responsibility outside of the limit can be denied. The site does not claim responsibility for any damages due to the carelessness on the buyer’s part.   

Please direct all questions regarding Terms and Conditions to CS@axis-y.com