Earth Day with AXIS-Y

Earth Day with AXIS-Y

On April 22 2022, the AXIS-Y team went down to the Han river, which runs all the way through the city of Seoul, to help a motivated group of volunteers led by the NGO Volunteer Korea. Volunteer Korea is an organization that is dedicated to connecting international people in Seoul and give them volunteer opportunities to help make the world a better place.

This Earth Day, the group of volunteers included influencers, youtubers, and even embassy members from Belgium, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ukraine, and the European Chamber of Commerce.


Group of people gather in front of an AXIS-Y sign in a park
AXIS-Y team members pose next to AXIS-Y sign in the park


Congregating in the Banpo area of the Han river, we gathered together on Friday in the early evening, each one of us yielding a pair of tongs and a trash bag ready to clear up as much as we could in the given time. It was incredible to see so many people from all over the world come together for the same cause.


A big group of 50 people, we separated into groups of 10 and began our search by the river. We were able to collect around 50 bags of trash all together, a collection of countless cigarette buds, single use plastic bottles, old rope and fishing nets, and even a broken laptop.


With only an hour and forty five minutes to collect trash, we felt it was not nearly enough for how much more we truly wanted to collect, but were happy to see everyone work so hard to help our planet. We were happy to give out a free gift of AXIS-Y products to each volunteer for their help!


Collection of plastic bags filled with collected garbage on the ground
Community members tie large blue garbage bags closed


After we left the Han river, we headed to the vegan restaurant ALT.a in Itaewon, the diverse global hub of Seoul. The meal, which was partially sponsored by AXIS-Y, was delicious and just another example of how we could help our environment by eating more plant-based foods.


We are looking forward to the next time we can be a part of a great opportunity like this and continue to take steps towards a happier planet.

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