5.5 Skincare Community Day: 2022

5.5 Skincare Community Day: 2022

AXIS-Y’s annual 5.5 day campaign has come around again, and this year we were ready to take another leap towards a larger event. As some of you may know, this yearly event is held on May 5th, or 5.5, because the natural pH of our skin is 5.5. Our goal with the campaign, as always, was to show appreciation for the people that we are grateful for in our lives, and share that grattitude with the world. We wanted to give back to the environment, the planet which we are lucky enough to call home.


This is our fourth year running this event, with the past 2 years dedicated to making donations to different non-profit organizations. On 5.5 day in 2020 we donated to the NGO Wildlife Conservation Society, and on 5.5 day in 2021 we donated to WWF, by encouraging users to comment their words of gratitude to anyone they are grateful for on our 5.5 day Instagram post.


Yellow fish swimming beside coral reefs in blue ocean


This year, the organization we donated to is the Coral Reef Alliance. Founded in 1994, the Coral Reef Alliance is one of the biggest global NGOs dedicated to helping the coral reefs of the oceans all over the planet. With the help of advanced science and engagement from their community, this NGO has worked for almost 30 years towards helping the coral reefs and educating the world on ways they can help protect coral reefs as well. They have expertise in clean water, healthy fisheries, habitat protection and coral bleaching, with their main mission being to help keep coral reefs healthy and help to prepare them for the effects of climate change.


We picked the Coral Reef Alliance because we felt our beliefs were aligned as a brand who is concerned about the protection of coral reefs. While making a reef-safe sunscreen is one step in the right direction, we wanted to partner with an organization dedicated to saving the coral reefs to further contribute in any way that we can.

So What Were The Results?

We donated a grand total of $1926 to the Coral Reef Alliance.

On May 5th, our 5.5 community day, we posted a reel on Instagram to announce our campaign and what inspired us to start it in the first place. To make a contribution, users simply had to comment on the video, tagging the person that inspired them on their skincare journey.


For each comment with a tagged person, we donated $1 to the Coral Reef Alliance. Additionally, during the duration of the campaign (from May 5th-8th), 10% of the sales made from our reef-safe Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen were also donated to the Coral Reef Alliance.

And there was also a chance to win! The 10 people with the most comments won a limited edition AXIS-Y T-shirt as well as a free Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen.


We are so grateful to everyone who partcipated this year and we are already looking forward to 5.5 Community Day 2023.


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Winners who received our Complete No-Stress Physical Sunscreen and 5.5 Community Day Tee

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