5.5 Community Day: 2021

5.5 Community Day: 2021

At AXIS-Y, we believe that community is a key part of our skin journeys. Whether it’s for moral support, advice, or just to discuss the latest skincare trends, it’s important to have other people involved in the journey!
Because of this, we created “5.5 Skincare Community Day”a day to celebrate the people in our lives who encourage us and inspire us. Our skin is said to be the healthiest at a pH of 5.5 which is why we designated May 5, or 5/5 to be our day to celebrate!
This year, we kicked off our 5.5 Community Day celebration by asking our community via Instagram story to nominate an organization that means a lot to them that they think we should donate to.
After reviewing many responses, a particular organization stuck out to usthe World Wildlife Fund.
Through this short Instagram story experience, we realized that our community values the planet we live on along with the wildlife we share it with.

In our 5.5 day Instagram post, we let our community know that for every 1 comment, we would donate 1 dollar to the World Wildlife Fund. We asked everyone to tag the person who inspired them to begin their skincare journey. Our community tagged influencers, friends, family members, and even skincare brands!
We loved seeing the positivity going around in our community, and were very encouraged and excited to double our planned donation.

Thanks to our community, together we were able to donate $1,922 USD to the World Wildlife Fund. As always, we are so grateful for the support and also extremely excited to see what next year has in store!
Letter from the world wildlife fund thanking AXIS-Y for their donation
AXIS-Y's skincare community day hashtag in blue text

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