KBeauty Brand AXIS-Y Makes the Move to the

KBeauty Brand AXIS-Y Makes the Move to the "Wall Street of Seoul"

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Following their recent surge of international popularity, South Korean skincare brand AXIS-Y deviates from the norm by relocating their main office to what has been referred to as the "Wall Street of Seoul".


AXIS-Y's office front space and photoshoot studio

New office of AXIS-Y in Yeouido, Seoul

AXIS-Y has seen remarkable success and accelerated growth in the past few years. Their climate, community, and self-care focused approach appeals to a new segment of customers who have become more interested and involved in self-care due to increased awareness and popularity of skincare discourse during the ongoing global pandemic. The brand has been able to successfully grow their global audience and create a loyal following by prioritizing their community's feedback.


Now, as the company establishes itself as a player in the worldwide skincare market, it takes another step to prove it is one to watch by making the move to the bustling financial district of Seoul: Yeouido. Yeouido, a large island which sits along the Han river in the southwestern region of the capital city, is considered South Korea's center of finance, politics, and media. It is home to many international giants, as well as the Korea Stock Exchange. It is also where you'll find the International Finance Center of Seoul, as well as the newest, largest, most modern shopping department store in Seoul, The Hyundai. Not to mention the luxurious 5 star hotels that are all over the island.


After their fast and steady growth in their early years, the company was ready for an office expansion to make room for new teams specializing in regional markets as well as a luxury lounge and built in studio, dubbed "Studio X", for in-house content creation. Studio X has already hosted both rising and established figures in the industry who have enjoyed the unique aesthetic of the studio's interior.


The fresh, young, and global team of AXIS-Y wanted to make their move to a fast-paced, highly driven environment such as Yeouido to be surrounded by invigorating energy and drive. Placing themselves in the epicenter of this vibrant business district felt like a good fit for the clean beauty brand, which is fueled by passion for what they do and desire for continuous growth and development. The brand's own beauty oasis, in the heart of an urban concrete jungle sprinkled with skyscrapers, is decorated with a mix of foliage and modern, minimalist furniture. With the brand's trademark mint coating the walls of the entryway and the lounge, the stylish office space garners the perfect atmosphere for fostering creativity.


With the welcome change that the move has brought about, the AXIS-Y team are excited to see where the coming years in a new environment will take them and are eager to continue growing and reaching a larger worldwide audience.

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