SYN-Coll: A collagen-boosting peptide

SYN-Coll: A collagen-boosting peptide

Keep this ingredient in mind..

It is very well known at this point that ultraviolet rays from sun exposure can cause photoaging in the skin, specifically wrinkles and dark spots. Another damaging effect of UV rays is that it breaks down collagen in the skin faster than if the skin were not damaged with UV. This leads to faster aging of the skin, with less elasticity and fine lines turning into wrinkles sooner.


Of course in order to keep our skin as healthy as possible, it is important to avoid the influence of UV rays and the damage it causes to our skin. Naturally, the most important product for this is sunscreen.



Sunscreen is a valuable step in protecting our skin. It shields your skin from harmful UV rays and can slow the process of skin aging. This well-aging effect of sunscreen is complimented well with additional functional ingredients, such as one called SYN-Coll.


What is SYN-Coll?

SYN-Coll is a synthetic peptide which specifically was created to target the formation of wrinkles and fine lines and reduce the appearance of existing ones. Peptides are an effective ingredient for the skin because they are made up of amino acids, which are key elements of our skin cells (as well as all living cells). Because of this, they are effective at revitalizing the skin cells and in turn improve skin that has been affected by UV damage.


SYN-Coll more specifically promotes the production of collagen, which helps to keep the skin supple and smooth for longer. Collagen is a protein produced by the body which is not only important for our skin, but also for our muscles, bones, and connective tissue. Because of this, doctors also use it to aid in the wound healing process. For our skin, collagen helps strengthen the skin as well as provide elasticity. As we age, we naturally start to produce less collagen, and our existing collagen becomes thinner and weaker. This contributes to the natural aging process of our skin, which leads to thinner skin and more wrinkles and fine lines.


By helping promote the production of collagen and strengthening the existing collagen in the skin, SYN-Coll can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and prevent premature UV-induced skin aging.


So, while it is important to apply sunscreen everyday for UV protection, adding effective skin conditioning ingredients which specifically target skin damage caused by exposure to UV rays can have a double effect in improving the skin and protecting it from sun-exposure related damage.


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