Seoul Mates

Seoul Mates

Seoul Mates is a once in a lifetime opportunity for one lucky winner to experience a day in Seoul, courtesy of AXIS-Y.
Our guest will receive a round trip flight to Korea, a complete professional makeover, a curated day in Seoul, and much more!
In addition to our first place winner, five second place winners will receive our entire 611 skincare set and ten third place winners can choose a product of their choice!
This is an amazing experience for anyone who has ever dreamed of visiting Korea or loves Korean skincare.

Our first Seoulmates giveaway winner was @rosecoloredskin. We were thrilled to give her a unique experience at one of the beauty meccas of the world!

Check out @rosecoloredskin’s Seoulmates experience:


AXIS-Y Giveaway winner holding flowers in AXIS-Y office
AXIS-Y giveaway winner in front of I Seoul You Sign in Seoul, Korea
AXIS-Y giveaway winner wearing traditional Korean dress smiling

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