Results with ay&me

Results with ay&me

With the launch of our new ay&me line we’ve been so happy to hear your feedback on the products. A few of our community members have even dedicated a period of time to trial the new line as their skincare routine and share their results! We’re so happy to see you all with healthy, glowing skin.


See some of our community’s results below!



Charis goes through her night time routine using ay&me, and explains that she's been using the products for 14 days and can definitely see the difference in her skin. It has become a lot more hydrated and looks healthier despite her busy schedule. She says when she wakes up her skin is already feeling smoother and looking more radiant. She even includes the Wind Down Pillow Mist which helps her to calm her mind and body down before bed.

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Lailia demonstrates how she uses ay&me in her skicnare routine, complete with cotton ads soaked with toner used as a DIY face mask! She explains that ...

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Jia states that she notices a significant difference in terms of skin radiance and elasticity, while she pinches her cheek and says she can feel the elasticity of her skin has improved. She then goes on to explain that the Biome Recharging Enhanced Night Balm has particularly helped her skin the most. She explains that the irritation and redness that was apparent on her forehead area in the past video disappeared after a week. The 10 Panthenol Supporting Concentrate along with the night balm helps to regenerate her skin and strengthen her skin barrier.

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We are so happy to see everyone with their healthy glowing skin after using our new ay&me line! We can't wait to see more results from our amazing community. If you would also like to share your results feel free to reach us on Instagram at @axisy_official or via email at!

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