Made for Me by Me: A new line and a free trip to Seoul

Made for Me by Me: A new line and a free trip to Seoul

In April, we launched our “Made for Me by Me” co-development project. As a community-focused skincare brand, we are committed to taking our community’s feedback to improve our products. We wanted to take it even a step further, and so we decided to launch a long-term project to develop an entirely new product line for and by our community!
We started off by asking our community to envision their ideal new skincare line through various survey questions. The survey included questions about packaging, ingredients, texture, benefits, and more! We wanted to dive deep into the needs and expectations of our community, so we gathered data and feedback from the survey to begin formulating our new line.
We also really wanted to take the opportunity to invite a member of our community to meet and visit us in Seoul! Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we unfortunately could not pick an exact date, and rather will bring our winner to Korea when it is safe to travel again. We picked and announced our winner via Instagram livestream, and we are super excited to meet her when she comes!
After analyzing the survey data, we also selected 50 participants to be the first to sample our formulations. Through this project that will span approximately one year, we will consistently gather feedback from the 50 samplers about each round of formulation to refine and perfect every product.
Our new line is tentatively scheduled to launch in Fall of 2022, and we are looking forward to seeing what we will create together!
Learn more about this project and check in on our status by heading over to our Co-Development page!
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