Korean Skincare Brand AXIS-Y Shares 3 Ways of Business Growth in the Year of COVID

Korean Skincare Brand AXIS-Y Shares 3 Ways of Business Growth in the Year of COVID

SEOUL, South Korea, May 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- AXIS-Y, a Korean skincare brand based out of Seoul shares how and why they managed a successful brand launch throughout the COVID-19 pandemic
AXIS-Y office front, mint walls with pink plants
AXIS-Y Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea
Consumers may have seen AXIS-Y while scrolling through their Instagram feed or all over their TikTok For You Page (FYP) since the AXIS-Y hashtag has a staggering 84M views. Launched in early 2019, the now-viral K-beauty company emerged into an entirely new market after the COVID outbreak in early 2020. Where did this company come from and how were they able to build their brand in the midst of a worldwide pandemic?

How AXIS-Y is able to stand out in a saturated market

The year 2020 brought many unprecedented challenges for people worldwide, and AXIS-Y's brand mission of emphasizing self-care and community in skincare came at the right time. "Maskne" became a new concern for many, including people who never struggled with skin concerns in the past. Additionally, worldwide morale fell as travel, social gatherings, and "normal" life was restricted or completely banned. AXIS-Y's commitment to self-care became even more important during this time and this opened the door for the brand to grow.
Lack of interest in heavy base makeup due to mask-wearing led the world to look to the skincare industry for solutions instead. K-beauty sits at the forefront of the skincare world because of its natural ingredient-focused approach and advanced skincare technology.

A commitment to community and AXIS-Y's next chapter

AXIS-Y's commitment to their community is apparent through their multiple "community" campaigns. One recent example of this is their "5.5 Skincare Community Day" takin place on May 5, inspired by the ideal pH level (5.5) of the skin. Through their official Instagram accout, the brand asked their followers what organization meant the most to them. Based on these responses, AXIS-Y chose and donated to the World Wildlife Fund upon recognizing the community's interest in environmental protection.
Through SNS channels and online surveys, AXIS-Y uses the relationship they have built with their loyal fanbase to not only develop their brand image, but also formulate products. This line will be a collaboration between both the brand and the consumer, featuring a fully transparent look into the development process.
Although the company emerged into a very uncertain market and social climate, AXIS-Y is able to experience unprecedented growth through adaptability, empathy, and the genuine goal to connect with and listen to their community.

Focusing on formulas

AXIS-Y's "611 line" consists of innovative formulas containing 6 natural ingredients, 1 core ingredient, and 1 skincare patent technology. This unique approach to skincare came at an opportune time as people worldwide grew more concerned with what ingredients go into their skincare products.
The brand's current 611 formula is especially effective for warm, humid climates leading to rapid growth especially in Southeast Asia. Additionally, during a time where people were able to enjoy normal life, the need to emphasize self-care grew. A solid skincare routine is well known for being an important method of self-care, and AXIS-Y made it their goal to emphasize this point.

Ahead of the trends

AXIS-Y's ability to stay on top of media and skincare trends and their strategic use of social media marketing allowed them to sell over one million units of their Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack in just three months across 20 regions.
Strategically thought-out partnerships with content creators and leading skincare experts within the community brought AXIS-Y's products into the spotlight while also speaking to the reliability and quality of the products themselves.
By keeping a close eye on the industry and striving to recognize potential trends before they even emerge, AXIS-Y was able to make an impactful first impression on the skincare community.

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