5.5 Skincare Community Day: 2019

5.5 Skincare Community Day: 2019

We hosted our very first 5.5 Skincare Community Day in 2019 on our Instagram where we asked the skincare community to share their love for the educators, reviewers, bloggers, and friends that helped them in their skincare journeys by writing a note of appreciation and tagging them in their comment.
Through these simple notes, we received so many touching and inspiring messages from people all over the world who represented their country’s skincare community by adding their country’s emoji to their shared posts.

Since 2019, we have dedicated May 5th (from pH 5.5, our skin’s natural pH level for healthy skin) as "Skincare Community Day"—a day to celebrate our skincare community and recognize those that have inspired us in our skincare journeys.
5.5 Skincare Community Day is a great opportunity to appreciate the beauty bloggers, reviewers, educators, and others who have guided us on how to take care of our skin and allow others to discover them to enlighten their personal journeys.
Check out our past 5.5 Skincare Community Day events to see how we’ve been celebrating our community!
If you have any inquiries or would like to partner with us for our 5.5 Community Day events, please send us an email.

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