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The Mini Glow Set

A giftable set that embodies the loving and collaborative spirit of AXIS-Y and our community. Complete with four skincare minis, stickers* by our skincare community, and a card to gift the set to you or someone special! 

Experience our four-step collection for glowing skin with our community favorite minis: Quini, Puri, Arti, and Glowi.

  1. Quini: Easily cleans skin without causing any irritations
  2. Puri: Clears and treats deep in pores
  3. Arti: Repairs any skin chronically damaged by environmental stressors
  4. Glowi: Enhance skin’s glow by naturally reducing discoloration

*The stickers included are subject to change seasonally.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

10/10 recommend.
I love these products. I ordered them for my birthday to try them out on my skin and found that even though they are small I had instant results with my skin but I do already use other products from this brand so they could have been part of the reason for the fantastic results. I love the dark spot correcting serum as it helped my spots.


These products were amazing!! I got them to try out and see how my skin would react to them and I was surprised by how much they helped it! I will definitely buy the bigger size of products

Umida K.

The Mini Glow Set


Really like using it on my skin. Will buy again

Sanju C.

It’s really lovely to see mins being sold because i have sensitive skin and I’m really careful while choosing skin products, this is truly useful, moreover axis y’s ingredient list is amazing! Gentle yet potent ingredient list and helps my sensitive skin! Love this! Thank you axis y!