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Skincare Community Day

5.5 Skincare Appreciation Day 🎉

The Purpose ❤️

We want to create a heartwarming holiday for the whole skincare community on May 5th.

Why? 👩

May 5th, is actually 5.5, our skin’s natural pH level for healthy skin. It’s the perfect symbol to celebrate the loving beauty bloggers, reviewers, and educators in our skincare community who help us take care of our skin.

With so much going on in our lives, it’s so easy to skip showing our appreciation.

We think 5.5 is the perfect day to let whole world know how wonderful they are.

The Plan 📅

May 3rd - May 4th

  • We will share the plan of Skincare Community Day with our friends and members of the community

  • Identify the people you want to show appreciate and prepare your post

Midnight of May 5th

  • We will announce the celebration of our new holiday we created together on Instagram.

  • At that time, we will ask the community to post their notes of appreciation and tag the accounts they wrote - imagine: all those accounts will receive a flood of notifications and it really surprise them. (:

After May 5th

The team at AXIS-Y will create a short video about the creation of Skincare Community Day, show all the notes connected to the hashtag, and the response posts by those we wrote to.

It’s going to be such a beautiful video ☺️

The Post

1. On the cover image of the post, please write “Skincare Community Day” and paste your country’s flag emoji.

It’s going to be so amazing to see all the different places our community is from.

2. Next, include the hashtag #skincarecommunityday

3. Lastly, tag the members you want to write to and write your note of appreciation.

This is going to be such an amazing occasion for the skincare community and we’d love your help to share our announcements with your friends.

These influencers and bloggers deserve to feel the gush of happiness and tears of joy from reading all the notes of appreciation for them.

Let us know if you’re interested in helping. 🙋‍♀️

We will feature ambassadors of this event as founders of skincare community day in the video. ❤️

This is going to be huge collaboration with our community and big heartwarming announcement.

If you know someone who would be interested in making this holiday possible, please let share these messages with them and have them contact us!

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