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Our Skincare Community Day

A Day of Community by the Skincare Community


Skincare is more than just products, it’s about the people. The skincare community is proof of just that.

This year, 2019, we came together to celebrate the bloggers, reviewers, and educators in the skincare world. The people who have guided us, supported us, and truly made our lives better.

We wanted to create a day of love to show appreciation to those who have helped us so much in our skin journeys.

The result?

Skincare Community Day (May 5th). A day of care and love for our global community on the day of our skin’s natural pH balance.

The Instagram Post that started it all @axisy_official (May 4th)

The Instagram Post that started it all @axisy_official (May 4th)


A Day of Us

On May 5th 2019, members from all over the world joined us celebrating the first ever global Skincare Community Day.

With each post, more and more friends across the world joined in the rejoicing of one another. Friends from Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia, France, Mexico, the United States, and more.

It was a beautiful experience to be a part of.



The Founders

Like anything great, Skincare Community Day was made possible with the help of community members who embody the spirit of love and appreciation. Without their help, we would not have been able to bring so much happiness within our community.

  • @rosecoloredskin

  • @gummybearsworld

  • @tie_passionblog

  • @sumomosuki

  • @kbeautycollective

  • @asianskindevotee

  • @lulukbeauty

  • @skinbaemy

  • @thatcoffeegirl

  • @nrlaidaaziz

  • @lotsskinglow

  • @pamticsay


  • @njskinstory

  • @thethinkingting

  • @farya90

  • @missmeiradee

  • @beauty_tribes

  • @im_jennytwong

  • @sparklesandnargles

  • @abeautyminimalist

  • @skinoetic

  • @betweendots

  • @vickysweetreviews

  • @doraskinjourney

  • @skincarewithbaz

  • @kbeautyrebel

  • @koreandeliciouscosmetics

  • @makeupkpoper

  • @koreanskincareconnection

  • @alee_lee

  • @bloomingpixie

  • @ramblingsofaworm

  • @ricanneccornelio

Thank you for making this day possible ❤️


Love. Care. Skincare.

Thank you, from the skincare community